Written on 10/14/2023
Grove Street FM

Grove Street FM is thrilled to introduce the latest chapter in the 'GROVER THE OTTER' series: "Grover the Otter and the Spooky Podcast"! 🎧🌌 just in time for HALLOWEEN!! 
After a sleepless night, Grover stumbles upon a podcast so captivating, it becomes the center of his universe. πŸ¦‰ Albert the Owl's "Spooky Tales" is not just another show; it's filled with tales of Bigfoot, the latest UFO sightings, and spine-chilling ghost stories.

While Grover is certain this podcast is an undiscovered gem, his journey to make it renowned takes an unexpected turn. Join our intrepid otter as he dons his marketing hat in this Grove Street FM adventure, only to learn a timeless lesson about personal tastes and the value of unique perspectives.
Ready for some otter-ly amazing adventures? Dive in now! πŸŒŠπŸ“–

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